Friday, February 2, 2018

Super bowl

I've been silent this past month on the subject of the playoffs.  I am still an enthusiastic fan of the sport, and was a nervous fellow two weeks ago when the Patriots pulled yet another comeback to advance to the super bowl. 

I had a thought about flying to Minneapolis to go to the game.  This was shortly after the victory against the Jaguars. I went on Stubhub to see what the prices were like, figuring that maybe I would splurge.  A buddy of mine told me he once bought a ticket for 1,000 for his daughter who was a fanatic follower of the Patriots.  That seemed a bit rich for my blood, but my friend had bought the ticket from a scalper so I thought maybe the prices from legal scalpers like Stubhub would be less.

The cheapest ticket two weeks ago for a ticket was, get ready for it, 4000.00.  That is for one ticket.  Not for you and your main squeeze.  You want to make a date out of it, you are back 8 and that is if you sit in the cheap seats.  I knew the tickets would have to come down, but by how much?  I checked again a moment ago. They are down. The cheapest ticket now is 2900.  By game time you might be able to sit on the moon for less than 2K. The 2k is before you buy a beer and a hot dog, and a flight, and a hotel room.

Who has this kind of money?

I see the rabid fans for the Eagles and Patriots on tv shots from Minneapolis.  What do they do for a living?

Has it gone too far?  Well, sure.  People who I know cannot go to that game.  Even people I know who have done well cannot go to the game.  I have to think that the people who are going to the Super Bowl are people who do not pay a dime for a seat, but are attending because of the largesse of their companies. And if that is the case, then I am paying for their ticket, since my taxes go to subsidize many organizations that can afford to send their executives, because the companies pay less in taxes than the average fan.

The game itself?

I am a rabid Patriot fan, but I wonder if our luck has run out.  We have gotten a lot of calls this year and pulled out games from the base of the alimentary canal.  I'm not sure how many times that can happen.  We are due to get a call that is 50-50 going the other way.

Yes, I think we are better coached and our players know where they need to be, but I have a queasy feeling.  I see Amendola dropping a punt on a fair catch and Brady fumbling on a sack.  However, I also think Philadelphia might not be able to overcome the jitters and their back up qb is good for throwing at least one pick.  In addition Ajayi will put the ball down once. If I was in Vegas I would bet on that.  So the errors might offset.

The spread is 4 1/2 right now.  I think the Pats are in for a tougher game than the people around here think.  I like us to beat the spread, but not by a whole lot.  I see us ahead by three at the end, and then get another easy score on some last minute Eagle prayer that goes awry.  So we win by 10, but not an easy ten.

Hope I am wrong. I hate to think of Patriot fans who paid 10K to wow their partners having to get nervous. You figure for 10K you shouldn't need to buy an extra box of Maalox.

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