Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Post Mortem

Somber day here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and I am sure in other states as well.  Lots of glum faces at work.  Saw a woman by the coffee machine who had clearly spent some hours weeping last night, red around the eyes.  We commiserated for a spell while we waited for the caffeine pick up necessary for people who waited until 130 before giving up on Pennsylvania.

Often, after a team I follow loses a big game, I wake up in the middle of the night with some sadness and can't quite identify why.  The last time this happened was when the Patriots lost to the Broncos in the championship game last January.  This was like that only twenty times worse. 

I kept waking up and muttering almost incoherently.  We shut the set off at about 2 so when I woke up I started thinking that maybe something bizarre happened and they found 100,000 votes in Broward County.  The only good news in the early morning, and it was not much, was that in the middle of the night she won New Hampshire.

Just before I quit last night I went on the computer and saw that the pundit who predicted a 99 % chance for a Clinton victory was now writing that such percentages were like a "parlor game."  I think he needs to rethink what he does.

Let's say someone has a disdain for Trump and is tepid about Clinton.  Well, if that person really thinks Trump is an abomination but is told that it is nearly a certainty that Trump will lose, maybe a voter voices her or his discontent by voting third party even though she or he thinks that Clinton is competent.  In Michigan if one in 10 people who voted third party did so because of the parlor game, Michigan goes to Clinton.  In Wisconsin if 2 of 10 did so because of the parlor game, then Clinton wins Wisconsin.

What happens when you elect a person as president who accepts if not embraces the support of neo-Nazis?  Today is the anniversary of kristallnacht.  Check out what happened in Philadelphia today, 78 years later.

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