Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cincinnati finds a way

Could any team, besides the Bengals, blow a game the way the Bengals blew the game tonight?

Truly, I have never seen a team choke a game away like the Bengals just did. Stunning.

Is there a word to explain how stupidly the Bengals played the last two minutes? A fumble, two meshugeneh penalties. I picked the Texans who got demolished earlier, and the Steelers who somehow won the game a moment ago.  But who could figure that even the Bengals could Bungle a game like that?

Fortunately, I am not a Bengal fan. But I feel for them.

And oh, by the way.  The Raccoon Lodge--courtesy of me--had picked the Texans who lost by 30 and the Steelers. But in the pool you pick against the spread.  The final tonight, 18-16 Steelers.  The Raccoon Lodge had to give up 2 1/2 points.  Final for the Raccoon Lodge, Bengals 18  1/2  Steelers 18.

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