Saturday, November 14, 2015

We'll Always Have Paris

This famous line from Casablanca takes on new meaning today.  In the movie it refers to lovers who have shared a romance that can not be extinguished.  Humphrey Bogart, while in Paris, falls in love with Ingrid Bergman who is under the assumption that her husband has died in war.  Bogart and Bergman have a wonderfully intense romance in Paris.

The husband, however, has not died and reunites with Bergman. When she with her husband visit Casablanca they run into Bogart.  Bogart and Bergman still feel the affection but cannot express it. Bogart tells Bergman that, regardless, they will always have Paris.

So it is with lovers.  If you are truly in love, it does not go away. You'll always have it.

Yesterday, the latest group of cowards acting in the name of absurdity, killed 128 innocent people in Paris.  And now the world will always have Paris.

We will always have the fear that some fanatic could surface and attempt a slaughter.  Every time we get on a plane we are reminded of the worthless detritus who perpetrated 9/11.  Who can tell to what extent life and joy will be affected because of yesterday's act. Will people be reluctant to go to a concert hall, football game, restaurant? Even if just for today 11/14/15 you were planning a trip to the city to see a show, might the acts in Paris make you pause?

The best defense to such cowardice is to go on living as one would have had there been no murders.  But even if we are able to do that, we will, at least on some occasions, be affected as thoughts of what could be make us hesitate when we consider activity.  Lovers do this too. A broken heart can affect the willingness for someone to embark again on romance.  But I think in this instance the damage from the terrorists is more overwhelming.  And that is saying something.

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