Saturday, November 28, 2015


Thanksgiving is over.  What is left is the suet we need to purge. I certainly did my part to support the farmers.  Pre meal, meal, desserts. Did not want to offend any of the cooks or bakers.  My cousin's daughter Sara, prepared the feast.  And, she told us, that she ran a five mile race in the morning.

The food was wonderful.  However what provided the greatest nourishment, truly, was the clan. Quite a concentration of Zaremba people in the photo above. Might be a record of some sort for Zarembas in one room outside of Poland. It was so wonderful to be with them.  I was dragging a bit on Thursday morning, but as time passed at Chez Zaremba during the day I felt physically healthier.

At one point I imagined my parents and my uncle and aunt--who used to host.  I imagined them sitting around us, behind the dining table, kvelling because we were celebrating the holiday together.  I could hear them whispering among themselves--"Who is this little one. Who is that one?" None of these ancestors ever met Sophie. My uncle had not met two of his grandkids, now big boys.

Jack reads his little speech about what he is thankful for.  He was thankful for three things. One was his sister because she is so cyoot. (his spelling). The other two things can be summarized. He was thankful to be sitting in this room being nourished by a loving family.  Me too Jack.

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