Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I've watched a good deal of basketball since the beginning of the year. Since the Ray Rice incident in the fall there have been many public service announcements aired during basketball games that have urged all viewers not to ignore or make excuses for domestic violence.

Nevertheless the hoopla surrounding the Mayweather fight has been unassailed by the same sorts that, ostensibly, are offended by domestic violence.  Mayweather is a repeat offender.  Despite all the announcements and assertions that we must not look the other way, athletes and sportscasters apparently did just that when it came to Mayweather's history of beating up women.

But let us pillory Tom Brady because a commission believes that while they have no hard evidence it is more likely than not that he condoned the deflating of footballs.  In a game that his team won by 30 points.

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