Friday, May 15, 2015


When I arrived in Florida on Wednesday night I discovered that the wifi we have maintained in the house specifically so we could access the internet when we are visiting, is out.  Go figure.

I called the cable company and after going through the exasperating, despite my experience with it, menu of options I got to speak with someone from another planet.  She was very patient and went through the entire troubleshooting options in a mellifluous but difficult to discern lilt.  Eventually, she told me that I needed a new modem. Strange, I thought, since the last time I was here, the wifi was working at orbit velocity using what she was calling an ancient device.

So yesterday I drove to the local cable outlet where a friendly attendant attended to me. He gave me a new modem and I--less than mechanically inclined--attempted to unhook my dad's old computer and wiring, and reinstall the new modem.  Predictably I was unsuccessful.  I had made a just in case appointment with a technician to visit and we will be receiving a visitor at 3.  Just fifteen minutes ago we both tried to get on and, for reasons I cannot explain, were able to.

The point is that last night after a day without connection I felt as if I was out of drugs.  There was nothing essential that I needed to get on the net, but I felt like I had to check. My phone had limited access to sites, so I was without connection.  I was to pick up my brother at midnight and, more to address my addiction and get my fix than to assure that I was prompt, I arrived at the airport an hour ahead of time and used the free airport wifi while waiting for his landing.

This morning when we went to the condominium cafe for breakfast I noticed that several octogenarians had ipads with them. While they dined they were poking their tablets in the wifi equipped breakfast spot.  We are talking a senior citizen complex here where I, alas, qualify but would be one of the younger denizens by at least a decade.  And here World War II veterans are checking their e-mail and going to their favorite sites.

It struck me just how hooked we, or at least I, am.  When I connected at the airport last night, I felt the kind of relief I feel when I have a glass of water when I am very thirsty.  Relieved.

Like Linus, we in the 21st century, need our blanket whether we really need it or not.

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