Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jameis Winston

Ryan Leaf, Johnny Manziel, and Jameis Winston.

Three college quarterbacks who were excellent at that level. Three men who regularly got in trouble.  Three college quarterbacks who were or will be busts in professional football.

Jameis Winston yesterday said he anticipates competing with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as top professional quarterbacks and super bowl participants.

Some unsolicited advice for Mr. Winston: shut up.

Jameis Winston just does not have the goods to be a top pro.  Like so many "great" college quarterbacks, part of their "greatness" was a function of playing on a strong team. Put Jameis Winston on say, Rutgers, he does not shine. He would go undrafted. He shined because he had a team that made his talent seem far better than it actually was.

If you look at the excellent quarterbacks in the NFL, few were stars in college.  Flacco played for IAA Delaware.  Roethlisberger for mid major Miami of Ohio.  Neither of the starting quarterbacks in the super bowl this year were highly touted when they came out of college.

Some of the great Heisman winning quarterbacks who played for big name schools were back-ups in the pros: Andre Ware, Steve Spurrier, Ty Detmer.

Jameis Winston had tremendous exposure at Florida State. FSU played on national television nearly every week. He had behemoths on his offensive and defensive line. That is why everyone believes he is the messiah.

Add on to his not extraordinary talent his track record of being a ne'er do well, and you have Ryan Leaf and Johnny Manziel redux.  Winston's talk about comparisons with Brady and competing for superbowls is something that will be ridiculed the rest of his life.

Tampa Bay should draft a linebacker or a pass rusher or some huge defensive lineman, but stay away from Ryan Leaf--er Jameis Winston.

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