Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Boston Rant

Boston is a large city in the northeast.  It snows here.  Sometimes it snows a good deal.

Therefore, I do not understand how impossibly inept the city is at addressing snowfall.  Last week we had a blizzard.  It was a bonafide storm.  This week on Monday it snowed as heavily as it did during the dubbed blizzard.  The snow stopped on Monday night at 8 pm. Lots of snow, but it stopped on Monday night February 2nd at 8 pm.

How come then, on Tuesday morning February 3rd, the streets were not cleared? How come driving into town yesterday I would have been better off on a sled?

I have lived in Dunkirk, Fredonia, Angola, and Buffalo, New York where they would describe snowfall in Boston as flurries.  Trust me. The storms we had in the past two weeks--however nasty--would not slow Buffalo down.

Not only was the snow removal lame, but go figure it was cold on Tuesday morning.  Because of the snow--predicted--and the cold--(predicted and predictable--we are on the same latitude as Buffalo)-- the subways could not cope, busses did not run efficiently, and the commuter rail was erratic.

It is really not funny, but one of the more amusing sights I saw this morning as I drove to work was a cluster of freezing commuters waiting for a bus on Huntington Avenue.  One woman had a glare on her kisser which belonged in the hall of fame for angry mugs.  Maybe her face was just frozen in a scowl.

Last night as I drove home, I noticed that on the Mass Pike--the Mass Pike, not some local highway--the snow in the right hand lane intermittently was left to take up part of that lane.  So one could be driving along at 55 miles an hour and all of a sudden need to veer off into the center lane because Charlie Snowplower did a half fast job.

Yesterday, Tuesday, it took me two hours to make the 15 mile drive from my home to work. The commuter rail, vu den, and subway, vu den, and busses, vu den, were not working because it was cold.  So everyone decided to drive in on poorly plowed highways.

We can win the superbowl, but somebody needs to go to Buffalo and hire someone who knows how to remove snow.  Because--I am just guessing here--it will probably snow again sometime.

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