Saturday, November 29, 2014

Send in the Donkeys.

They are just worms. These pachyderms.

I read yesterday that Boehner and the posse of Republicans who blame Barack Obama for the weather even when it is beautiful, are suing the president over the Affordable Care Act.

If the Democrats want to resurrect their credibility, it is time to see the Democratic National Committee take a strong, strident, jaw to jaw, stance against these Republican dwarves.

Boehner and his cohort are behaving like spoiled prep school boys annoyed that the riff raff have somehow gotten a chance to play.  Judging by the last election, the spoiled elephants are getting away with this indefensible behavior. And they are doing so because the Democrats are smoking on their pipes, dismissing the noise as just that, and doing nothing as they search for their backbones.

It is time to send in the donkeys and put to pasture the clowns.

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