Thursday, November 27, 2014

overrated quarterbacks.

In the same way that some authors and books are overrated, there are some millionaire quarterbacks who are similarly overrated.  The difference is that in football the result of the quarterbacks' failures are posted on a scoreboard.  Consequently, it is difficult to understand how these players maintained or in one case still maintains a regular income.

The quarterbacks in no particular order of overrated-ness are.

Jay Cutler.  How does this guy keep his job?  Another stinker today on Thanksgiving.  Could a player play with less sense of urgency?  I have seen him have decent games, but when the going gets tough he is both a chicken and a turkey. Fowl.  From hunger.  A while back the Bears went to the super bowl with a stinker of a quarterback.  Fellow by the name of Grossman. He could not do much.  But his team won many games.  I would rather have a dozen Grossmans who could not do much but won, than one Cutler who is talented and plays as if he is some deity despite the fact that he loses.

Drew Bledsoe--Probably my least favorite on this list because I rooted for the Patriots while he was the quarterback there.  Bledsoe had a gun.  His ability to throw darts to a particular spot was something to marvel at.  If you gave him all day he would wow you with his throws. Problem is that in professional football you don't have all day.  You have to throw the ball with people bearing down on you. Bledsoe was not good under pressure. Also, he had no ability to read defenses at the line of scrimmage, so whenever he changed a play you knew you were in, at best, for a no gain.  As soon as Bledsoe got injured, the Patriots then at 0-2, went on to become superbowl champions. And then in the next three years, they won two more super bowls. Three superbowls in four years sans Bledsoe.

Jeff George- Jeff George was akin to Bledsoe, but not really as talented. This a very bad combination. Overrated, self inflated, not superbly talented.  If you gave Bledsoe time he would hit someone who was open. If George was playing two hand touch he'd find a way to make a dumb decision.

Scott Mitchell--The Lions paid a fortune for this guy who had had a few good games for the Dolphins as a substitute.  When Mitchell was quarterback the Lions had Barry Sanders one of the best running backs in the game.  Even with Sanders to use as a decoy which would send an army of defenders running away with Sanders who would not have the ball, Mitchell would find the wrong guy to throw to. When Sanders was the running back, you would think that almost anyone would have been a successful quarterback for the Lions. Not Scott.

The Big Four: Cutler; Bledsoe; George, and Mitchell.

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