Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Birthday--Good news and bad news.

As this well worn announcement attests, today is the anniversary of my birth.

The good news is that I am healthy and on this side of the curtain.  There is much more in the way of good news that is specific, but essentially the good news is that I am here.

Here is the bad news.  My computer opens to Google.  I went on line as I do multiple times each day.  I saw the Google screen.  Above the Google bar there occasionally is some graphic indicating the nature of the day. A turkey on Thanksgiving.  A flag on Memorial Day.  A picture of Mount Rushmore on President's day.

Today there was a picture above the google box on my screen. It was a picture of several birthday cakes and candles.

How did Google know today was my birthday? I like Google. Find it useful. And while it is nice to be greeted with happy birthday messages, it is disconcerting to know that Mr. and Mrs. Google are aware of when I arrived on the scene.

What is next?  Will I be congratulated on a healthy report from the medicine man?  A dancing patient pointing to a low blood pressure reading.

Will I open up Google and see a picture of a new car that I have purchased, or a basketball court if I plan to attend a game that night.

Will I see a picture of a gas tank when my car is low on fuel?

If I am vacillating about going out to dinner or working out will I see a picture of a justice scale with a steak sitting on one side and an elliptical machine on the other?

I appreciate the birthday greeting Mr. and Mrs. Google, but let's keep some stuff between us.

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