Tuesday, October 28, 2014

50 years later

I meet a fellow for coffee last week with whom I had gone to camp in the 60s.

He and I are contemporaries and were teammates in the Poconos on softball and basketball teams. We played sets of tennis together, had roles in camp plays, and splashed after shave on our pre peach fuzz faces in preparation for "socials" where we might meet 12 year old dolled up girlfriends.

It was remarkable to see him again.  Within a few moments, fifty years evaporated.  He has been extraordinarily successful by any measuring stick, yet was so genuinely humble and modest.

We shared reminiscences and asked about those with whom we had kept in touch.  It had poured while I was walking to meet with him.  And it was cloudy when we said our goodbyes.  But when we left I felt as I typically do when I meet those from past.  The present for me is often clearer and illuminated by the past.  

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