Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The tree again

The last two days I've awakened very early, around 5.  In the summer, it is light at that time or just getting there.  So, I have taken the newspaper that arrives around that time, brewed some of the Brazilian coffee I purchased on the other side of the Equator, and taken my cup out to the deck to read the paper and enjoy the morning view.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that my favorite tree in the yard was felled by a loud storm on July 3rd.  This is the tree that kept its leaves the longest and had an atypical green/yellow color.  So it was sad to see it go.

When I was gone in Brazil, the fellow who takes care of the lawn and shrubs came by and, by prior arrangement, sawed off and removed the branches of this favorite tree that had been affected by the storm.  I noticed something on Monday when I sat on the deck for the first time since the dead limbs had been removed.  While I missed the tree, the view that the absence provided was itself beautiful particularly as the sun climbed into the sky.  I could see right up the hill into the woods in a way that I could not before. The light from the rising sun was creating different looks in the forest moment by moment. The scene felt like I was living in a wooded park more than it had previously.  Almost as if I had awakened and climbed out of a pitched tent.

This morning I kept saying take a picture now, but then telling myself to wait a moment--because every second the sun was providing varied views.  I eventually took a number of shots and when I download them I will place one or more here.

I guess the point is that sometimes we can get blue because of loss, but then you get to realize that something else can open up. And the sun shines into it.

Not everything is related to sports, but this is a good message to relay to any competitor. The sun will rise again after a loss.  You lose a tree, but who knows what that will allow you to see and do.

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