Friday, July 18, 2014

Let Me Nutshell it for You.

A break from my Brazilian travelogue.  I believe this will quickly make the point to those who care to be dispassionate.

Let's say you move into a house.  As soon as you do, your neighbors on all sides say that they want to kill you. They say it is their house. You say it is your house and you have the deed. They say they don't care if you have the deed.  You start unpacking. The next day the neighbors attack in an attempt to wipe you out. You prevail.

Eight years later they try and kill you again. You prevail.

Eleven years after that they try and kill you again. You prevail and this time you extend your borders to make it difficult for them to kill you.

Six years later while, say, you're in church for easter, or you are at church for Christmas, they try and kill you again. Somehow, you get out of church, mobilize and again, you prevail.

Tell me, if your kids were in this house, and your neighbors for forty one more years would not retract their comment that you will be forcefully evicted, and every so often killed some of your children, what would you do?

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