Monday, June 9, 2014

post game rant

Very exciting game last night between the Heat and the Spurs. Some comments I began writing with 9 seconds left to the game and are finishing up this morning.

The Heat went away from their strength by going with James one on one at the end.  James is the best player on the floor, but the Heat have other very good players.  At the end of the game the Heat gave the ball to James and got out of his way which meant the other four were just standing around. It seems to have worked out because the Heat prevailed. Yet, they easily could have lost had Bosh not hit the long three and had Parker and Duncan not missed four consecutive foul shots.  Today all are pronouncing the Heat as playing wisely. The exclamations would be to the contrary, however, had the Spurs made foul shots and had Bosh's shot clanked out.  So, I think the Heat need to change the way they play.  The Spurs have less talent than the Heat. Despite yesterday's outcome, they are playing smarter.

The Spurs flopping and complaining is bothersome.  Duncan is a whiner and was never more so than in the Olympic games when he continuously got in foul trouble and cost us the Gold that year.  Ginobli's game is beautiful but he just flops too much. And while I like Parker, his reaction to getting hit in the gut by an elbow was over the top.  Yes, it was a foul and I agree that it was a flagrant, but the excessive reaction seemed contrived to perhaps get the offending player tossed out of the game.  If you play basketball you have been elbowed in the gut more than once.  I can't remember a kid on the schoolyard writhing around like Parker did last night. We will see what happens in the next game, but if Parker is fresh as a daisy, the blow to the ribs could not have been that great.  And the NBA will have to be more rigorous in enforcing the no flopping rule. Otherwise the games will be like soccer with players diving all over the court in an attempt to get a flagrant foul call.

Popovich is a great coach and an even better interviewee. His quips are to the point and humorous when the sideline announcers head his way between periods. I think Spoelstra is getting outcoached and definitely outquipped.

The Heat have so much talent sitting on the bench.  Their second five could beat the first five of many teams.

I think the Spurs will find a way to win one of the two games in Miami, making it a best of three series.

And as long as I am writing, Go Rangers, tonight.

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