Friday, June 13, 2014


Dear Dad,

You are a great grandfather again.  Yesterday Sophia Jane arrived. Six pounds thirteen ounces. Shannon and Matt are doing well.

Congratulations.  The line of Zarembas continues.

Bobby and I will be visiting you this week. I'll be down Saturday and he arrives a few days later. We need to go through the house and see what we will be doing.  Also, it will be good to connect with him and congratulate him on his second grandchild.  All this is the great news.

On the relatively (and very) insignificant front, your Miami Heat are stinking up the gym in their series with the Spurs.  I told you they split the first two games in Texas and then were coming to Florida for the third and fourth. Well, the Heat were beaten like they had stolen something in both games. Down by twenty at the half each time.  Looked completely outclassed.  The Spurs are smothering the very unimaginative offense and every one of the Spurs' players is on fire.  Ginobli doesn't even need to flop. The teams go back to Texas for game five and unless the Heat think of something about how to move the ball on offense, it will be time to say kaddish on the season.  Even if the Heat have a good game in Texas, the idea of watching them win three in a row after the last two games is not worthy of much consideration.

The Rangers stayed alive on Wednesday. They lost the first two games of the Finals in overtime, one in double overtime. Then lost 3-0, to make it 3-0 in games. But night before last they held off the Kings to make the series 3-1. They resume the series tonight in Los Angeles.  It would be a miracle if they won.

But miracles happen. Look at this great picture of Sophia Jane with Jack.  Little pipsqueak and her big brother.  In Shannon's belly one moment and then this wonderful alive miracle the next.  I don't think I ever reacted so happily to news as when Bobby told me that she had arrived.  Grandma would point to a baby and say, "From this they make a mensch?"  Any descendent of yours dad, has a head start toward menschlikite.

Shabbat shalom, Dad. See you soon.

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