Friday, May 2, 2014

Gib a kick

This announcement was sent out by the Yiddish Center in Amherst.  Thought you'd see it and kvell.  

I remember that you would talk about how while you did not believe in an afterlife,  you did believe that you would somehow still be part of the "equation".

Apparently, you were correct.  The event is next Sunday. We'll be there. And so will you.

Shabbat shalom.

2pm | A Musical Salute to Molly Picon, Star of the Yiddish Theatre!

Diane CypkinIn a “Musical Salute to Molly Picon, Star of the Yiddish Theatre!” Dr. Diane Cypkin tells—through English narration—the life story of this exciting First Lady of the Yiddish Stage through the countless songs she sang and often wrote during her many, many years on the Yiddish stage. Indeed, the concert is a cornucopia, a beautiful bouquet, of tangos, waltzes, and fox-trots, that will have you humming for days. In sum, the concert is a tribute to a legend!

This event is sponsored in memory of 

Helen and Meyer Zaremba 

by their family and friends.

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  1. Hey Zeke
    One of my favorite quotes from German philosopher 200 years ago
    "Memories are the only paradise from which we cannot be expelled. " So true.