Monday, May 26, 2014

bread salt and jam

Today has been a day for going through drawers that have not seen the light of day in a while.

I found a note from my folks that I received in 1981 when I first moved into Boston.  It had come with a loaf of bread, a canister of salt, and a jar of jelly.  Here was the note.

The bread is so that you will never go hungry in your new home. 

The jam is so that your life there will be sweet.

The salt is so that the few tears that life brings along from time to time will help you appreciate the first two. 

Know that our love is with you always and that we are terribly proud of you.

A note like this can reduce the frequency of wars.


  1. You were lucky to have such great parents. I suspect they would have valued any offspring regardless of genetic pre-disposition. It didn't hurt that you were a good guy (who couldn't tell a joke without cracking up).

  2. No insult intended. I think that quality is why I found you so endearing and remembered you after all the years. I'll bet you can tell a mean joke nowadays.