Sunday, February 2, 2014

super bowl

Just saying, that if you read my blog, Seattle, I had this one predicted well.

I did not think the Broncos would fail so awfully, but I knew Manning could not repeat what he did against the Patriots. That was the game of his life, played in perfect conditions. I heard an analyst on the radio say that Manning, tonight, was just pedestrian.  Brilliant last game, ordinary tonight.

Another analyst commented that the kicker for the Broncos typically does not allow for runbacks on kickoffs because of the thin air in Denver. Tonight the kickoff to start the second half was returned for a touchdown and the kickoff team looked like the keystone cops.

 The Broncos thought that their win against the Patriots (by only ten points, at home, with Manning playing the game of his life,  and with some questionable officiating) meant that they would repeat.

If the Patriots played the AFC game at home, they win. We might have lost the game tonight, but we would not have been completely outclassed.

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