Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kendall Coyne--Women's Olympic Hockey

I may be biased because she is a student at Northeastern University, but to my eyes Kendall Coyne, a member of our Women's Olympic team now playing at Sochi, is the most effective player on the ice in these games.

She is so quick to the puck and always appears to know where to put the puck once it gets on her stick. Frequently she puts her teammates in position to score because of her passes and intelligence.

I am not a hockey fan particularly.  Yet this morning when the Canada-USA game came on at 730 or so I was riveted and was considering retirement when the time came for me to depart and get to work. It was zero-zero when I decided to remain employed and left the house.  I arrived at work and the second period had concluded with the US up 1-0.

At work, I was able to get the game to stream across my computer screen.  At the start of the third period, the Canadians scored two goals. Then, alas, I had to go and participate in a meeting. At the meeting's end two members of the group (who are Canadians) told me that they had stolen a peak at their smartphones during the meeting and knew that Canada had prevailed, 3-2.

The US and Canada are likely to meet again in the medal round.  My prediction--and I feel very good about it.  The US will prevail and win the gold. Kendall Coyne will score at least one goal and will have an assist in the gold medal game.

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