Friday, November 15, 2013


There are violations and there are violations. Some are relatively minor, and as violations go, the one I am about to report is in that category, but still unnerving.

Couldn't find my cell phone this morning.  I realized I did not have it half way down my quiet street.  Looked over by the passenger seat, saw it was not sitting on its usual perch, so I backed up the street and went into the house to do my at least two day a week searching for the phone.  Checked the usual spots and could not find it.  This is a very common drill for me. No sports jackets, no overcoats, not near where I park myself to watch television, not in a remote place being charged, nowhere. Step two is to call the phone. Did so and heard an unusual message indicating that the phone was off. I almost never shut my phone off unless I am in a meeting or a movie.

Went back to my car and saw that the charger had been yanked out.  Someone had come into my driveway and taken the phone or come into a private parking lot where I play tennis and helped her or himself.

As I have written, as violations go, this is minor and I will get over it. But the idea that someone would come into my quiet driveway, open the door, and grab the phone is unsettling.

Very foolish person who did this.  My tennis rackets, old tennis balls, wet shirt from working out at the elliptical, wrapper from dunkin donuts, cold coffee in the travel mug, coupon for cat litter, beach chair still in my car even though it is November, Red Sox baseball cap, navy blue sock hat, directions to get to Marcia and Ken's; thing I picked up off the car floor but don't know what it is and put by the radio, forty two cents in my change box; and three sports illustrated magazines with varying degrees of footprint stains--all left undisturbed.

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