Sunday, November 24, 2013

cool customer

Last night I sat next to a fellow on the plane who was returning to New England for one reason.  His family has had season tickets for the Patriots for close to thirty years.  He has been living in D.C. since he went to college in 1995.  He was flying back home to go to tonight's game between the Patriots and the Broncos.

I just took a walk to mail a letter. There is no witch who has a chest as cold as it is tonight.  I took the walk as much to get some exercise as to mail the letter and the round trip was 1.5 miles.  I came in and it felt like it does when I return to the house after I've shoveled snow.

So, my thoughts have returned to my neighbor on the plane.  We are a minute or two before kick off. He has probably been sitting in the ice box of a stadium for at least a half hour.  I'd love to know if right now he has second thoughts.

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