Wednesday, July 10, 2013

long and winding road

I left the office about 7 pm last night.  My route takes me around the Fenway and onto Storrow Drive going west.  On baseball evenings, there can be quite a bit of traffic on this drive.

Last night, when I got close to the ballpark I saw a traffic jam that beat all others.  Fortunately, for me, it was heading the other way, but it was a doozy.  Drivers abandoning passengers.  Cars just essentially stopped.  When I swung onto Storrow Drive going west I saw that the incoming eastern exiting lane was backed up for what seemed like a half of a mile.  Maybe longer. It was as far back of a traffic jam that I can ever recall.

And the Red Sox were playing in Seattle.  Nowhere near the ballpark.

But someone else was playing at the park.  A fellow that used to be part of a quartet that had some fame in the 60s and early seventies.  Fellow by the name of Paul McCartney.

Almost fifty years since the Beatles sang on the Ed Sullivan show on a night that most boomers can remember nearly as vividly as the day when the president was assassinated, Paul McCartney is still packing them in.  A colleague took his wife and his teenage son to the show.  Set him back a few coins I will tell you that.  But the three of them were eager to get to the show last night. He told me that the performance started at 630.  So, when I drove toward the park at 7, and saw that back-up, the show was thirty minutes old if my colleague had the time right.

For someone stuck in that traffic, not sure that crooning "I Want to Hold Your Hand" would placate an annoyed spouse who had wanted to leave the house a little early.  "She Loves You" might have to be rewritten in the past tense.  Long and Winding Road.

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