Monday, July 29, 2013

bagels and tuna fish

I am down in south florida visiting with my dad.  Yesterday we were invited to a camp friend's home for brunch.  Wally, Andy, Brownie, me and Dad.  All former campers and counselors.

We had bagels and lox, tuna fish, egg salad, and conversation.

The food was fine, but it was the conversation that was the most nourishing.  My father had been the head counselor at the camp and we relative younguns talked about where was this one and that.

Sunny day, Brownie's beautiful home, and talk.

The spirit is such a powerful variable.  What we do, or feel we can do, on a given day is often less a function of our intelligence and more dependent on our spirit that can fuel our industry, or not.  It was so good to see these folks and chat with them. The nostalgia was great, but more than that it was the affection that was floating above the bagel tray and ruggeleh that we picked at with our coffee.

Take the brunch away and yesterday could have been a depressing afternoon for all five of us involved. Maybe not. But maybe so. Brownie invites us to brunch andwe are all buoyed.

Remarkable. When we think of what is essential for life we often think of the right foods and exercise.  But if you don't acknowledge the importance of contact and healthy relationships you miss the boat.  Even for a family of eaters, and we are, what we will remember from the day are not the delicious sandwiches we made, but the company we shared.

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