Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just Sayin'

It was a week ago when it was announced that Rajon Rondo would be lost to the Celtics for the year. This news was accompanied with a chorus of wailing from fans and pundits who all but said kaddish for the Celtics and, on one radio show, the entire National Basketball Association since both had lost such a star. No matter that the Celtics, prior to the injury, had lost six straight games--in one blowing a nearly thirty point lead and in another losing to the august Cleveland Cavaliers -a squad with a current winning percentage of .292. This, for the statistically challenged, means that the team that beat the Celtics with the great Rondo would win less than 30 times against all NBA opponents if it were to play 100 games.

I blogged last week, that you can't get worse than 0-6. You can't lose more than one time in one try against the mighty Cleveland Cavaliers.  Rajon Rondo is a spectacular showman.  Great talent with startling passes and sometimes remarkable shots.  However, he does not win.

Just saying that in the week since the apocalypse, the Celtics have played four games. One of these games was against the defending world champions, the Miami Heat. Another against the team in the 30 team league with the third best record of all, the LA Clippers.  The Celtics, sans Rondo, are 4-0.

Another blog I wrote this week was about the father and son Hunters from Georgia State. After watching the first half of the Georgia State-Northeastern game, and watching the coach from Georgia State berate his players after nearly every possession, and thinking that no team could ever win with such relentless criticism, Georgia State won.  I was taken during that game not only by the coach, but also by a slim fellow for Georgia State who could rebound, handle the ball, and shoot like a combination of Jerry West and Oscar Robertson.  I found out later that the kid and the coach were a son and dad team.  I suggested I might be very wrong about the coach since he had the wisdom to recruit his son.  I thought that teams should watch out for RJ since he scored 27 against Northeastern.  Last night RJ scored 38 points against Old Dominion.

So just sayin that occasionally I have a small bit of wisdom.  This of course should be taken in light of the facts that I picked Atlanta and New England two weeks ago, and was certain in 1980 that Ronald Reagan would never win a majority.  

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