Friday, February 8, 2013


The newscaster just announced that 190,000 homes are out of power in Massachusetts.

The predictions for this storm were that the strongest part for my area would begin after midnight.  I am not sure then what we've experienced these past six hours.  It looks pretty bad out there right now at 1022 pm.

People in these parts talk with something akin to reverence about the blizzard of 78.  I was not here then,  but did live in Buffalo during the blizzard of 77.  It was an experience.  I remember the three story home where I was hunkered down in the attic apartment for that weekend.  On the Friday when the storm began I felt the house shake.

The house here has not been shaking, but the lights have flickered twice, and a few glances out the window suggest that shovelling tomorrow at 1, when the storm is supposed to end, will eliminate any need for me to get on the elliptical this weekend.  The storm does remind of the blizzard of 77.  It is already difficult to see the cars in our driveway.

The good news about such storms is that they remind me of how good we have it on a regular basis.

Oh, a side note. This morning before the storm began I went out to take care of a few errands.  The traffic was heavy and frenzied. I went to the post office which is adjacent to a small cluster of stores.  There is a drugstore, a dunkin donuts, a dentist, and a liquor store.  Take a guess at which establishment was enjoying the most robust business at 955 a.m. this morning.

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