Monday, November 19, 2012


Andrew Luck had a tough day as quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.  Two of his passes were intercepted and returned for touchdowns. He fumbled the ball away once, and his team lost 59-24.

He was interviewed after the game and asked about the loss. The questions were not easy.  Did you ever lose by this many points?  How do you respond to such a loss?  What happened on the pick sixes (interceptions returned for touchdowns).

Luck responded by praising his opponents for playing well, accepting responsibility for the loss, and determining to work harder.

Last week Governor Romney and many of his supporters responded to the presidential defeat by explaining that the loss was because people liked gifts, handouts.  He identified women who would be getting free contraceptives as a group who voted for Obama because of this largesse.

I think Governor Romney might take the implicit advice from athletes who when they lose are taught to not blame anyone else, but work harder to achieve their goals.

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