Monday, November 5, 2012

Criterion number 1

Last night I was looking at an internet site when a poll popped up.  I was asked to indicate who I will vote for on election day.  I so indicated and then immediately the results to date appeared on the screen. My guy was losing and that was deflating.

What I saw next was similarly deflating but I did not sense how much so until I began considering the poll as I was driving to work today.  On the screen was a simple question.  It read: "Which of the following issues is the most important issue for you when you consider your voting decision."

A number of items were listed: jobs, economy, equal pay, immigration, education, abortion.  I scoured the list, thought about it, and did not see the issue that I considered most significant.  I checked "other."

I have an opinion and a strong one at that, on each of the issues listed.  The idea that Roe vs. Wade might be overturned by the same people who bemoan "big government" is very difficult to understand.  Who could argue that equal pay for equal work is debatable.  Who--who has any experience teaching--would argue against the idea that public education and educational resources is essential for our country.  On almost every issue that was identified on the list I feel as if the choice is  binary and my choice is correct.

Still, none of those items is the most important criterion for a president.  That criterion is character.

You want to roll your eyes and consider this naive nonsense, knock yourself out.  But for me--both for pragmatic and moral reasons, character is the primary criterion upon which everything else is based.

If you have a moral compass which creates a foundation for ethical behavior, I'm likely to vote for you. I am not talking about some superficial adherence to some official religious creed.  I dont care if you go to church or are a "family man" or never swear.

I care if you think being honest is a virtue.  I care about how you are likely to treat people who can't help you get elected.  I care if you think about sending a percentage of kids to their certain death for no reason other than to save face.  I care if you care enough about your responsibility as officer not to fall asleep at the wheel and risk the safety of the citizens of the country.

Sure, I care about someone who can get things done. That is important.  And I have to consider the positions of the candidates on key issues.  But the most significant criterion is trust and character.

So, your kid has two offers for a job.. One is more lucrative than another, the company financially secure and connected to powerful people.  This company promises your kid a car.  But there is a sleaze sense you have when you talk to the CEO.

The  other job offer is from a company that also is financially secure, but not as lucrative or powerfully connected.  This company is owned by someone you can trust.  Your kid asks for your advice.

 What is your recommendation?

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  1. A no brainer. Take the car, the money, and learn everyhing you can from the sleaze. The son, assuming he has "character" will learn tons more mixing , mingling, and dealing with sleaze . The ballsy sleaze have tricks and gimmicks that work and may even be more fun. At least in the short run. When he knows their game he the exits and gets a big hug from Machiavelli. He has character and knows how to fight dirty, a required skill men of "Character" need to prevent being eaten alive by the sleaze.