Thursday, March 18, 2010

Broken Hearted

It did not take long for my day to start off poorly and that is not just because Notre Dame did not show up and Villanova decided to wake up with only a few minutes left to go. As I mentioned in the Madness of March, betting on college games against the spread is like betting on the flip of a coin. It would be wise not to send me out at the beginning of a football game to call the toss.

I wrote to my brother this morning and gave him my picks. Neither of us are in Las Vegas this year. This is my first March Madness away from the fun wildness of the strip since 2003. Not much approaching fun wildness here in Boston. Today I attended four meetings, received some swell e-mails, and watched the tail end of a few basketball games on my computer. At least at one of the meetings they served lunch.

Where is my wisdom accrued from many years of going to las vegas? Where is the intelligence gleaned from watching maybe 100 basketball games this year?

I told my brother that the lock of all locks was Notre Dame giving the points against Old Dominion. Northeastern beat Old Dominion this year. Go figure--Old Dominion wins. I told my brother that Villanova would make up the 18 1/2 points of lumber it was laying against Robert Morris. Go figure--Villanova had to go into overtime to win the game--not by 18 1/2. What are the chances that Richmond would not be able to beat St. Mary's after St. Mary's exhausted itself in the win against Gonzaga. St. Mary's won.

I figure that any minute someone from Las Vegas will send me a private plane and beg me to come on out for the remaining three and a half days of this first weekend. Unfortunately for the state of Nevada's revenue stream, I have to teach tomorrow.

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