Friday, March 5, 2010

arch madness

If you like college basketball, the next month will be fun.

This weekend the CAA, Ohio Valley, Big South, MAAC, Atlantic Sun, West Coast and Southern Conferences will all be playing tournaments to determine which team from the conference is invited to the NCAA tournament known as March Madness. The Missouri Valley Conference plays this weekend as well and they call their preliminary tournament ARCH Madness because the scene is St. Louis.

When the last buzzer is heard in each of these tournaments the jubilation from the winners is fun to watch. The student body runs out on the court, the players jump gleefully because they get to go to the big dance. Sure, the conference winners will probably lose by 40 in the first game of the big NCAA tournament to one of the real power teams, but their excitement after winning the conference tournament is undiminished regardless.

If you've not ever watched one of these final games and you are any semblance of a sport fan, get the popcorn and watch basketball over the next few days. You'll feel excited for the winners and sad for the losers and enjoy the drama that is sports.

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