Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Random thoughts

 My dad used to write down thoughts and mail them daily to my brother, nephew and myself.  It was a treat to wake up and read the wisdom.  Sometimes there was one thought, but often there would be multiple, distinct, messages. Now I have a thick looseleaf that he modestly called, Thoughts of an Ordinary Man.  Dad was anything but ordinary.

With no assumption that my notions are akin to Dad's in terms of wisdom-and without any suggestion that these will be ongoing.  Here are my thoughts for this first fortnight of 2021.

What a bizarre two weeks, even by Trump era standards.  You had the Georgia election with a Jew and an African-American emerging as the senators from Georgia.  I don't think this reflects a new egalitarian orientation of a majority of Georgians.  My assessment is that the Democrats owe their victory to disgust with the shenanigans of Donald Trump. If I am correct, then the loyalty of Republican congresspeople, makes no sense since I am sure that the loyalty is based on the assumption that disloyalty will result in subsequent election losses.  The opposite seems to be true.  Sleeping with Trump will yield an infection that no amount of penicillin can eliminate.

Similarly, the speeches I heard today from Republicans rejecting impeachment despite the insurrection last week, seem to be foolish. Not primarily because the logic is flawed--as it is--but because supporting Trump now will result in having to polish up your resume.


I don't like the fact that in this COVID era any mild physical distress makes me think I might have the virus.  Most of the time I feel great.  I walk five miles a day, break a sweat, and come back feeling terrific. Today I feel alternately hot and cold. No doubt that is because I keep raising and lowering the thermostat, and my computer is in the coldest room in the house.  Still the reality of COVID is such that any malaise makes me--typically averse to worrying about such things--consider revising the document on my desktop I have titled "Where are Things if I Croak."


I guarantee that Trevor Lawrence will be a bust in the NFL.  For those interested, check out what I wrote in this blog about Jameis Winston--also predicting limited success.  Lawrence is an example of how whiteness benefits athletes.  I believe that if Lawrence was African-American he would not be considered so hoo hah. I know Winston is African-American. But Winston I believe had more talent. Still he is a bust, and Lawrence will be a bust squared.


Sirius radio is a racket.  And I am a victim.  I got it as a trial, and now don't want to consider jettisoning the subscription. The Broadway station reminds me of my Dad who had dozens of broadway musical albums in the house. And I would play them over and over.  Right now, a tune from A Chorus Line, is aired.  The sixties station is a gas.  Should make me feel old, that I recognize almost every song that is played.  Today I heard "I Got You Babe" in the car and used the repeat feature to listen to it multiple times and was transported to another era when I was twenty something. Bad news is that I was not twenty when I exited from the car and was still walking with a limp.


Watching films of Southern racists from the 50s and 60s often makes me wonder how the children and grandchildren of these people feel when they see their parents and grandparents spewing hate.  And I think the children and grandchildren of the Congressmen who remained silent when Trump contested the election without any evidence whatsoever, will shake their heads similarly.  A great speech today by Hoyer of Maryland.  I was getting a bit of headache listening to the thirty second talks that preceded the final lengthier one.


Zoom has had a positive effect on some of my relationships.  Each week college buds who previously got together once or twice a year, now meet up to chat.  On Friday at noon I have another meet up each week.  Every other Monday I converse with two cronies from my time at SUNY Binghamton.    


My eleventh book will be out in a few weeks. I think more people have read my facebook entries than those who have read all eleven of these books. Social media has revolutionized our world.  I am still a library guy, but I have lived without being able to park myself in a library for close to a year. And social media or just electronic access to information has had an effect. 


Kyrie Irving will not help the Nets nearly as much as the Nets anticipated.


The Philadelphia Eagles behavior in their last game against the Washington Football Team is beyond reprehensible.  I thought the coach acted on the direction of ownership, but since he was fired a few days ago--perhaps the decision to tank--in a game that affected who would make the playoffs, was a coach's decision. If Tom Brady got a four game suspension for allegedly deflating footballs, the Eagles should have to forfeit several draft picks.


The Republican Party will not recover anytime soon.  If Ted Cruz ran tomorrow against a mannequin he would lose. Forget the pisher from Missouri. He is history.  Unless Republicans in the Senate vote for impeachment, you can say Kaddish for the Republican party for a generation.


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