Friday, January 20, 2017


All week I have heard and read about how Aaron Rodgers is playing as well as any quarterback has ever played.  I can't recall vividly how well he did against the Giants during Wild Card weekend, but the game he played last Sunday against Dallas was indeed one of the most startling exhibitions of talent that I have ever seen.

I was watching the game with my buddy Kenny and we were stunned at how effortlessly he was throwing the ball--almost like a dart-to receivers far down the field.  I commented at one point that he had to throw an interception the way he was threading the needle. That is, if you try to throw the ball into such a narrow opening, you are likely to be off once in a while and throw it to the wrong team. But the only interception came on a deflection. Otherwise, it was startling how accurately he was passing.  And the throw he made at the end of the game was other worldly.

If you have not seen it, go on Youtube or some other site.  He was running to his left, near the out of bounds marker. Then he flicked his wrist and the ball went thirty yards to the only spot that would have allowed his receiver to catch the ball. The receiver's catch was almost as good as the throw--just keeping his toes in bounds before the rest of his body fell out of bounds.  That throw and catch put the Packers into the Conference championships this Sunday against the Falcons.

The thing is that if Rodgers could throw like that all the time, his team would be undefeated. Yet the Packers lost 6 times this year.   And the Packers, with Rodgers have won only one super bowl. Nobody can play the way Rodgers played last week on a regular basis.  Rodgers has not proven that he can play like Rodgers played last weekend.

The Packers will not win on Sunday.  Let's remember that the Falcons quarterback, Matt Ryan, is not chopped liver. And he, and his mates, may be getting tired of hearing about how Aaron Rodgers is Zeus.  I say give up the four points and hand them to the Packers.  Then take the money and run.

The Patriots game is a little harder to pick.  I am a fan and can be so biased for the home town team that I don't see things objectively.  Take that as preface.

The Patriots laid a stink-bomb last weekend and still won by 18 points.  Of course they were playing against a team that was so awful as to make one wonder how they could have won their division.  Still the Patriots won by 18 playing poorly.  They turned the ball over with fumbles and Brady threw as many interceptions in that one game as he had thrown all season.

The Patriots are not going to give away the ball three times against the Steelers. And if they do not I do not see how the Steelers are going to outscore them. The Steelers' biggest assets are a distinctive running back and a great pass catcher.  The Patriots are usually good at designing a defense that removes the key player from the opposition.  I don't see the talented runner making hay against the Patriots.  I also don't see the receiver doing as well as he has been.  The kicker for the Steelers kicked six field goals last Sunday.  He is due to miss one or two this weekend. For all these reasons I say give up the 6 points and go with the Patriots.

In sum, Pats-6 against Pittsburgh, Falcons -4 against the Packers.

Before you bet, consider that I voted for Clinton and did not think Trump had a chance.

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