Thursday, February 11, 2016

The 33

Today, thus far, has had at least one very positive moment.  That moment is not that I flew from Fort Lauderdale where the locals were complaining that it was not going to reach 70, to Boston where it is so cold right now that I can't believe I took the flight.  That moment was not that I made every connection on the shuttle bus, blue line, then orange line to make the 505 to Brandeis-Roberts easily. And that moment was not when I had a particularly tasty slice of pepperoni pizza as I waited for the 505.

When I deplaned I knew from cockpit comments that it was cold in Boston. The sweatshirt I had on to cope with not quite 70 degree weather in Fort Lauderdale would not do.  So, I opened my suitcase and yanked out another sweatshirt, a long sleeve thermal undershirt, and a sock hat I had brought with me for just this purpose.  Then I looked out the glass doors and saw that the 11 shuttle bus which billed itself for all terminals would be arriving in two minutes.

This was good news because once I stepped outside I again wondered what could have possessed me to select February 11th as a fine time to leave Florida and go to the northeast.  But the 11 shuttle would soon be arriving.

I've lived in Boston for over 30 years and taken the airport shuttle probably 100 times.  I can never remember the bus routes. This may be because they change them periodically--not sure of that but it seems that way.  It also could be that I have, on occasion--the last time specifically just a few weeks ago--got on the wrong shuttle and the driver waved me on anyway as if he was going that way.

The shuttle at Boston (Logan) airport is--like shuttles most places, a series of busses that go from terminal to terminal, A-E, in Boston. Plus the airport shuttle stops at the Blue Line subway station as well as the car rental center.  The Blue Line subway station in Boston is really terrific. For the price of a token you can get on at the airport after taking the shuttle and get nearly anywhere in the greater Boston metro area.  It sure beats a 75 dollar cab ride out to the suburbs.

So, I was happy that the 11 which advertised that it goes to all terminals while I shivered even in two sweatshirts, a thermal undershirt, and a sock hat was coming in two minutes.

It actually came in less than two minutes and I was a happy fellow. I hopped on board and, to make sure, asked the driver if this would take me to the Blue Line. How could it not? all is all.

No, she said. If I wanted the Blue Line I had to take the 33 which stopped across the street at a location not far away if you avoid the traffic. Seems like all terminals means literally just terminals and not the subway.

That I had to go out into the cold and take the 33 was very unwelcome news.  It was across the street near no shelter (the 11 was actually close to a shelter).  I got off the 11 and then saw that at just the same time, the 33 was pulling in across the street.  The shuttles come every ten to fifteen minutes so missing this 33 meant tundra.  But I had to get across the street.

And this is the news that was very positive.  When I saw the 33 across the street, I bolted suitcase and all across the street which fortunately had no traffic at the moment. I got to the island and then raced to the entry way of the door, then popped up the stairs like a steeplechase participant.  This, it turned out, was not entirely necessary because the 33 had arrived early and was compelled to wait a few moments before taking off.  Still, this was great news because for the past two years if someone put a gun to my head I could not have run that distance.

It is now 11 weeks plus a day since I was carved up and a pipe went into my leg. These were the first racing steps I have taken. I've done some very fast walks and mimed a jog step or two, but have done nothing like racing since December of 13 when I first felt a jolt in my leg.

I sit now on the commuter rail which I made easily because I made the 33.  It is an easy walk from the train stop to the house, made more problematic because of the cold, but if I have to,  in a pinch, I know I can run some of the way.

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