Monday, September 28, 2015

Goodell and Brady

In the first three weeks of the season, Tom Brady has led the Patriots to three victories.  In each game his play has been nearly perfect.

One can assume the balls have been inflated properly.

Imagine what kind of competitive advantage he would have had, had the balls been deflated? According to Commissioner Goodell, Brady was culpable for being generally aware that someone else had deflated footballs during last year's AFC championship.  The deflated footballs allegedly provided the Patriots with an advantage.  

Never mind that after the balls were inflated at half time of that championship game, the Patriots went on to play better than they had in the first half. And in the Superbowl two weeks later when noone doubted the proper inflation levels of the balls, the Patriots defeated the Seahawks.

Still, throughout the winter Goodell and his childish toadies continued to deflate the joy of the fans with the silly perpetuation of irrational claims.

I look forward to the Patriots winning the superbowl if Goodell has not been fired by then.  If he is still around, he will have to hand over the trophy to the team that Brady captains. It ought to be an interesting moment for Goodell.

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