Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Warmer, Sweeter, Be.

This is what I look like now, seven months since you've been gone.

Read last night that your former boss, Dr. Robert Savitt, the school superintendent died.  My first impulse was to call you and let you know.  As you used to quip, "That would be a long distance call."

Then last night I had a dream that I was in the hospital for something or other and you were there. Go figure. You being there for me.

You're missing some good football games.  The Patriots lost to the Packers on Sunday but it was a great game.   The Giants and Jets, however, are finding a way to lose in very interesting ways.  Your Dolphins are in the playoff picture.  Earlier this year they beat the Patriots on the day of your unveiling.  Maybe you had a way to pull for them there.

Not much new in the education biz.  We keep getting better and better. Our students are nearly as good as any students anywhere.  The school is ranked 41st in the country now.  Not even on the radar screen of USNews and World Report when I started.  Not taking any credit for it.  Just fortunate to have been here during the ride.

Missed seeing the mishbuchah on Thanksgiving. Hillel had the whole family down to Philadelphia, but it snowed on our route.  And it would have been a white knuckle haul even for a guy who lived in Buffalo for eight years.  Got a good picture of Sophie and Jack from the day.  Wish you could have hung on to see Sophie. She would have brought you so much joy; it could have illuminated the darkness.

Listening to some classical music now. They are playing an orchestral version of Danny Boy.  I remember when you told me about that song when I was a boy.  I'll switch some pronouns with the last verse:

"And you shall hear, though soft I tread above you, 
And your grave will warmer, sweeter be,  
For I will bend and tell you that I love you, 
And you will sleep in peace until I come to thee."

Regarding that last line, I am not getting there--wherever there is--any time soon. Trying to enjoy the days.  Wish you were here to share them.

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