Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pleasures of the Harbor

Five fraternity boys, now eligible for social security, united this weekend in Martha's Vineyard.  One of the five was beyond graciously hospitable inviting this crew to his summer home.  On Thursday the photo here was taken as the erstwhile members of Kappa Beta sailed for a few hours around the beautiful resort beaches.  Then on Friday we repeated the sail, this time for seven hours, spewing philosophy, embellishing tales, telling jokes, and kind of, sort of--for two of us--learning how to sail.

Best line among the many of the day occurred when the novice (pictured in the back with the UAlbany shirt) was at the helm.  His tutor,  our host in the white. was providing some coaching. At one juncture when we were leaning very far in one direction, the novice, clearly rattled-- straining with limited success to keep his voice as well as the boat on an even keel---blurted: "What do I do now?"

The tutor, maintained the calm of a driver's ed instructor at a teaching moment: "I don't know what to tell you."

"You better tell me something," barked the helmsman in not much of a mood for a lesson as we were approaching a 90 degree angle with the water.

I am writing this today as proof that yesterday we righted the then nearly vertical vessel, and then came home, consumed a delicious steak repast with wonderful conversation. 

We Five was a popular group when we were in college.  I had to leave this morning to take care of some business in Florida, and I find now that I miss the crew of five.  In a variation of what the group, We Five, once crooned, When I woke up this morning.. the frat boys were on my mind.  I am still feeling as if I am moving from the time on the boat. In a way, I am.    

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