Sunday, October 6, 2013

Therapeutic Balm

This is one of those times during the year that a sports zealot feels as if the stars are all aligned. Yesterday, a fan could have watched the major league baseball playoffs, college football, professional soccer-- all in preparation for a smorgasbord of professional football games today.

During a span of a few hours a remote flipping viewer in New England might have seen David Ortiz hit a colossal home run, two goals scored during stoppage time in the New England Revolution soccer match, the Oakland Athletics pushing across the lone run of a playoff game in the bottom of the ninth, and Ohio State coming back to beat Northwestern in the fourth quarter.

There are bigger issues in the world.  The shutdown in government is sad in and of itself since so many are out of work because of it, and sadder because of how irresponsible individuals can be so selfish and inconsiderate.  I see a buddy on Friday and we commiserated on recent losses in our lives.  I find out through the internet that the mother of a childhood friend has passed.  There is truckload of sadness in the world.  So, I know that issues like Ohio State beating Northwestern and whether the Red Sox prevail are of relatively minor consequence. Still, sports are important.  For fans, the joy sports brings into our lives can be and often is a genuinely therapeutic balm.

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