Friday, May 24, 2013

Go Left

Somehow, I have gotten on a Facebook list for a group that is called Go Left.  Because of this I receive multiple posts daily that advocate for a liberal agenda.  They are the kind of posts that will make a liberal Democrat smile and say amen, and infuriate a conservative Republican.

I am glad that I am on this list but not glad that I got on this list.  How did this happen?  It happened because someone somewhere who has a level of sophistication with computers that renders my knowledge infinitesimal connected me to this group.  Since I enjoy seeing these entries- in this instance--the connection is not a problem.  But we all can understand the potential for problems.

I can, as could anyone I believe who writes a blog, identify how many people visit the blog.  I can tell if they are from North American or other continents.  The analytics does not break it down to people who live, say, in Louisiana as opposed to say, Montreal or Kansas--but I know if someone in Great Britain or Spain or Australia or North America etc has been reading what passes for my wisdom.   Another thing the blog analytics tab provides is the link that a reader uses to access the blog.  90 per cent of the visitors access my blog via my website.  Among the other ten percent I notice various alien looking links.  Yesterday I noticed one such link that was unfamiliar.  I clicked on it and up popped an image so pornographic that it offended even my difficult-to-offend sensibilities.   How did this happen that somehow this link became associated with my blog?    I clicked on another such link once and was witness to Nazi propaganda. 

We are still in the Wild West in terms of new technology. The outlaws are out there.  And the methods for identifying and apprehending the miscreants are primitive. In the meantime, don't kid yourself.  We are vulnerable.

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  1. Can the analytics identify a Fredonia alum from the 1970s who happens to remember you??
    --Paul Constantine (Doc)