Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This is the End

After I read, No One Here Gets Out Alive, a biography of Jim Morrison of the Doors, I realized that this guy was not such a class act.  The book was written, if not to glorify Morrison, at least to depict him and his philosophy favorably.  As much as I liked the music, and wanted to believe that Morrison was a mensch, I couldn't help but come away with the notion that he was indeed, rude and crude, and socially unacceptable not because he was rude and crude--but because he was not kind or considerate.

Still, despite this, and all these years after he has died and after I read the unflattering biography intended to be complimentary, I enjoy listening to the music.  And lyrics from songs like Break on Through to the Other Side, People are Strange, and The End, surface to my consciousness when the words seem appropriate.

And it was so as I watched the Patriots demise on Sunday night: the words to "This is the End" kept playing on the radio in my head.  The Patriots played like the teams they usually beat. Tight and stupid and unprepared.  Tom Brady who usually is like a computer at quarterback, played like a simpleton at the end of the first half, and at some key points in the second. Belichick the coach who rarely makes a mistake did not appear to have any answers nor did he appear to be aware of the potential questions.

Wes Welker dropped a key pass, Talib went down after a couple of plays,  A Brady pass was batted up in the air and resulted in an interception. Ridley got bonked on the head and coughed it up. I kept hearing, the words: "This is the End."

Usually I become a bit maniacal when I watch the Patriots. I was so unruly in the championship game last year that I declined an invitation to watch the subsequent super bowl game with a friend and a cousin, for fear that I might not be able to behave like a guest.  No such problem this past Sunday. I sat in my recliner and except for a couple of plays, did not move a whole lot. We were going to lose and we lost. 

We are getting old.

I regret to write this, but for the Patriots not only for 2012-2013, but beyond--I believe that this is the end.

Bigger issues to be concerned with for sure.

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