Monday, October 15, 2012


I saw something today on Facebook that was startling, but not surprising.  It was a photo of a man standing at a political rally.  His shirt read Romney/Ryan at the top.  In large letters below that was the following: "Let's Put the White Back in the White House."

Of those who are voting for the Republican candidate,  most--I am guessing--would not endorse the sentiments of the racist with the shirt.   However, there is a number who would. I wondered during the last election how then candidate Obama could overcome the large population of simpletons who reject people on the basis of ethnicity.  The answer seemed to me that McCain, in a move that was straight out of the Chelm playbook, selected a running mate that even the racists could not tolerate. In fact, the population that hates on the basis of race, might hate on the basis of gender as well.  Had Palin been convincing as a possible successor to McCain in the event of tragedy, or had McCain selected anyone with a modicum of knowledge and experience, I believe enough people would have voted against the black candidate because he is black.

Racism is still here.  I am not at all suggesting that Romney or Ryan support racism.  And they are in a difficult position desiring all the votes they can get.  The question I have is this:  If Romney were to repeatedly in every campaign speech bang out his opposition to racism and to those people who wear these shirts--would he win the election.  If a standard refrain of his speeches were, If you are voting for me because I am white and he is black, I don't want your vote--would Romney prevail?

I don't think so.  I think if you eliminated all votes that were cast for Romney because he is white, and all votes that were cast for Obama because he is black, Obama would win the election.

Racism is still here.  Ryan is not Sarah Palin.  And it is sad to write that I think that despite whatever merits Governor Romney may have, he may get elected on skin color, not because of these merits.

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