Friday, August 10, 2012

predictable pattern

The semi final game today between the US and Argentina has followed a predictable pattern.  The game was relatively close until two things occurred. (1) Lebron James demonstrated why he may be the best basketball player ever. (2) Players from the US hit, in rapid succession, three  point goals.

I did not like how this game started out. Manu Ginobli, a truly a great player, stole the tap and made a quick hoop. The US seemed to be caught off guard as if they had not thought how to play the tip.  Then the first half ended similarly. The US made a good play with 8 seconds remaining to score a basket, but seconds later they left Ginobli open at the buzzer for a three point shot.

The second half unravelled in a way that is very similar to how the preceding games, with the exception of Lithuania, played out.   The US opponents wore done some and then LeBron James made some moves to the basket which were nearly impossible to stop.  Doug Collins, the color man for the broadcast,  is now in his early 60s.  He opined that the Argentinian opponents had as much of a chance as he did of stopping Lebron James.

After LeBron James did what he does, then Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony went on a three point shooting burst.  Anthony--who did not have a good first half--hit three threes within a minute to put away the Argentinians.

The US played aggressive defense for the entire game, but still the opponents worked hard to get excellent looks and convert them.   Eventually, Argentinia succcumbed to greater talent.  I am not a big fan of hoisting up three point shots, but what do I know. The Americans have won using that approach throughout this tournament.  

Spain could be a different story. The two Gasols will provide an NBA level challenge. On the basis of what I have seen thus far, it is difficult to believe that the Americans will be cold for an entire game, but if they are--and the game comes down to an inside slow it down game, the Gold medal will be difficult to capture.

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