Monday, April 2, 2012

Bumper Sticker

Since I have switched jobs, my commute has become a challenge. It is only about 13 miles to work, and it is essentially a straight shot in on the Massachusetts turnpike. However, now I have to travel during rush hour at least a few days during the week. Today, for example, a ride that can take door to door less than fifteen minutes was the standard forty five during rush hour.

There are some advantages. One is that I get to read some interesting bumper stickers. In a state that voted for McGovern and has, at least in the Boston area, a stunning percentage of universities per square mile, there are some clever bumper stickers. My favorite du jour was on a black SUV that I was behind for several minutes in today's journey. The sticker read, "I may get lost, but not stuck."

An irony there since, metaphors aside, he was stuck like me awaiting the last toll going east on the Mass Pike. But it was something for me to chew on as I waited my turn through the booths. There is something to be said for acknowledging the inevitability of losing your way, but having the will and courage not to stay stuck having taken the wrong turn. It is so easy to stay put and rationalize where you are at, and hard labor to seek out the directions to the right place and then follow them. I wondered if the fellow in the black SUV was good at following the wisdom on his bumper.

If Kentucky doesn't lose its way tonight, it should be no contest. When last I looked the spread was six. Lay the lumber and run. There are times when a really talented team gets beat by a more intelligent design. Kansas beat Oklahoma once that way and Duke beat UNLV similarly a few years later. But I think the Wildcats have just too much talent and are well coached so I dont see this game being real close at the end.

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