Friday, December 16, 2011

12-15/16-11; midnight

After a big meal, when I was a boy, my father would lean back in his chair and say, "You know, if everyone had a meal like this every night, there would be no more wars."

This was one of several refrains we would hear from dad--and it is not insignificant that, now, forty plus years later I can still recall many of these comments and recognize the wisdom in the messages.

Tonight I arrived at my parents' home to celebrate my dad's birthday. As is always the case, I was greeted warmly by my folks. We shmoozed for a while, ate more than needed to be consumed, and now look forward to doing something special for my dad's day tomorrow.

If everyone had a loving home to come home to every day, there would be no wars.

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  1. You are a fortunate. Many of us had fathers who were good but repressed men. I heard "get a spine" before Spiro Agnew bellowd it.Your Dad has the gift of expression and nurturing. That helped mold you into a successful popular professor and solid man .