Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4, 1970

Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming
We're Finally On Our Own
This Summer I Heard the Drumming
Four Dead in Ohio.

If you are over 58, you likely remember where you were when four students, Jeff Miller, Allison Krause, Sandy Scheuer, and William Schroeder were killed by National Guardsmen on the Kent State University campus. Another student, Dean Kahler, was shot and has been paralyzed since unable to walk for life. Eight others were hit and wounded by the Guardsmen's bullets.

The book, The Killings at Kent State by I.F.Stone is subtitled, How Murder Went Unpunished. This, sadly, is a very accurate subtitle despite the fact that the Scranton Commission concluded that the shootings were "unnecessary, unwarranted, and inexcusable."

It's a beautiful day in Boston--sunny, bright about 70 degrees. The boil water order was lifted last night so we can now drink the water after two and a half days. Even our sports teams have provided a reason for celebration. The Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics all won last night. A great day awaits.

The seniors in our Communication Studies department at Northeastern have their graduation reception this afternoon.

Forty years ago on this day, the seniors in 1970 were diving for the ground as soldiers shot thirteen students, killing four and paralyzing one for life at Kent State University in Ohio.

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