Saturday, April 3, 2010

Final Four

I have been picking the games against the spread for the entire tournament. If the NCAA expands to 96 it will be more labor than love to follow the games. I think that decision to increase the participants would be a good example of attempting to fix something that is not broken and then, being content when the fixed item is more lucrative than it had been, but not as alluring either. So, it depends on what drives your enterprise: Shekels or your ostensible values.

Right now I sit at 31-27-1 for the tournament. Took a hit last weekend going 0-4, but still am in a position where the worst I can do is finish one game above .500. Today I like Butler and West Virginia. I hate to bet against a coach like Michigan State's Izzo, but I think he has done it with smoke and mirrors so far. Butler is giving a point, still I think they will win and then would cover (or at worst push/tie). I am going with West Virginia because I think the "stupid money" (a phrase that readers will know was used by a pundit with whom I conversed while I researched the book) has come in for Duke creating the 2 1/2 point spread. WV is geting the points and I think they are just too tough for Duke. WV can wear you out the way they keep grinding.

These predictions are guesses, but I am not guessing when I write that increasing the participants in the tournament to 96 will dilute the joyous madness of march.

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