Friday, January 8, 2010

bogus at best

I came home after my regular Thursday doubles match and watched the second half of the meaningless football game called the BCS championship game.

It is unfortunate that the NCAA has decided to anoint the two teams who will compete for a championship. In basketball, baseball, hockey, division 2 and 3 football the championship contestants are determined by an elimination tournament. Because of these elimination tournaments, the teams who eventually play in the final contest have earned the right to compete for the prize.

Last night's game was a dud. I wondered throughout the second half if Boise State (a team who finished the season undefeated) could have beaten the two combatants on the field. Boise State takes risks and has beaten some outstanding teams over the years with creative offensive plays. Their game against Oklahoma several years back has been referred to by pundits as the greatest college football game ever played. Last night, Texas played unimaginatively after their starting quarterback was hurt. Alabama played not to lose in the second half. It was dull and outside of the states of Texas and Alabama I don't know how many people could have cared.

Yesterday the Northeastern basketball Huskies defeated George Mason University in the Colonial league. Today, the women hockey players at Northeastern will compete against the University of New Hampshire in the temporary outdoor rink erected in Fenway Park. Both last night's basketball game and today's hockey contest have more meaning than the bogus championship matchup of two teams last night that looked like they could be defeated by a team that did not get a chance to compete in the contest.

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