Monday, June 8, 2009


The Lakers and coach Phil Jackson were heroes last night. The Magic and coach Stan Van Gundy were losers.

What makes someone a hero. In this case, what makes Jackson a hero is a missed shot and a pass that was not perfect.

With .6 of a second left in regulation and the score tied the Magic was inbounding the ball at half court. A brilliant play was set up by the Magic coaching staff. Several players came toward the ball and Magic player Hedo Turkoglu faked to each. Then a back screen was set up which allowed a Magic player to run unchecked to the basket. Turkoglu threw the pass, but it was off by inches. The Magic player caught the ball, but missed the shot. Had the pass and catch been executed, the Lakers and Kobe are goats, because they allowed themselves to be duped by misdirection.

Instead the Lakers are heroes and winners. Today they feel good about themselves. The difference, it seems to me, between heroism and failure often has a whole lot to do with external factors beyond our control. This does not relieve us from making right choices, but the fact is that had a pass been on target, Phil Jackson would be taking heat for not defending the play appropriately and Van Gundy might earn more money next year.

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