Sunday, February 7, 2021

Prediction (Just kidding)

I interrupt my serial novel entries with this pick.

938 pm--I was kidding 

The Chiefs will prevail.  Leonard Fournette will fumble and Brady will throw a pick.  Either Kelce or Hill will have a big game.

The accident with Reid's son may. take a toll, but I still like the Chiefs.  When the Patriots played the Chiefs, Belichick was able to contain Kelce and Hill.  I do like Arians as a coach, but I think he does not have the wisdom to figure out how to stop those two studs.

Watch the Bucs will win by a dozen.

I took a walk today and was dispirited at around noon to see an evolving superbowl party starting up a full 6 hours before kickoff.  

We are almost at the finish line with this pandemic. At least it is in sight. Don't be stupid.  My understanding is even if you have had a shot, you can still get it. You may not get sick but you can pass it along.  I think there are a number of selfish people who figure, I can't get it now, so to hell with being careful.  

Wear a damn mask. Stay home.  We'll only be in this cage a short time more. I am getting nutso (some would argue I don't have far to go) from staying put--but I'm happy to be alive--and would like to watch next year's superbowl in a crowded bar. For now, watch the events by yourself with your immediate family. 

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